Feeding technology

Feeding technology

In modern livestock farming, the focus is on combining performance with maximum animal welfare. There is a great deal of potential here, especially in the value-added chain for feed production. This relates not only to the production of feed but also to its storage, its retrieval from the silo and its presentation on the feed trough. Assuming that the forage is harvested at the right quality and is stored correctly, feed preparation depends primarily on good management. For this, MAMMUT provides customer-oriented solutions for the production of its own mix ration and an ingenious technique for correctly mixing the feed already provided in the byre.

Feed mixing technology

A key ingredient for high performance, animal welfare and cost-effectiveness is to have a feeding system that is balanced, high-quality and carefully matched to the needs of the livestock. Using the MAMMUT feed mixing technique, total mix rotations can be achieved even without major structural measures. The PROFI MIX range of products extends from volumes of 1.5 m³ to 4,5 m³ and is therefore an ideal match for small dairy businesses or farms engaged in calf and bullock rearing. Their compact size and individual production options enable MAMMUT systems to fit in low, confined or older animal sheds without the need for conversion work. That facilitates workplace convenience while also making the best possible use of the existing resources on a farm.

Feed clearing technology

Decisive factors that determine daily feed intake and the amount of feed left unconsumed are continuous delivery to the feed trough and correct mixing. The feed trough clearers in the FEED MASTER series assure efficient mixing and loosening of the feed already presented which encourages the livestock to eat more forage. The three models FORTY, FORTUNA and FORTUNA SPECIAL can move small as well as large amounts of feed, or even fresh grass. For daily barn work, this constitutes a huge helping hand with work coupled with flexible application options – also in old buildings.