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December 7, 2023
Feed technology
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Homogeneous mix rations thanks to intelligent technology

Nowadays, to achieve high performance levels with healthy animals, good herd management with the right feeding system is required. There is an endless range of options, particularly with feed mixing technology and the associated weighing devices. For the PROFI MIX range of feed mixers, MAMMUT offers simple adding scales as well as programmable weighing systems. Thanks to smart tools, these various scale sets can be adapted to suit on-site conditions – individually for every farm.

The practical advantages of a weighing system

Cattle really only enjoy eating tasty, high-quality feed. However, this also means that every animal tends to seek out its personal favourites from the ration presented – which means that lower-ranking cattle often do not get an opportunity to access the same calibre of energy supply as others. If you use a weighing system on the feed mixer wagon, this can deliver a few practical benefits:

  • Homogeneous ration: Every animal in each group gets the same high-quality feed from the same ration. This minimises selective feeding at the feed trough.
  • Stable pH value: The animals are motivated by uniformly weighed out mix rations to eat more frequently, which means that they maintain a consistent pH value in their rumen. This in turn means that feed rich in raw fibre (hay, straw, silage) can be presented in precise quantities. This prevents irregular amounts of power feed and the resultant fluctuations in rumen pH balance.
  • Performance-based feeding: With a weighing unit on the mixer it is possible to provide feed to individual groups based on their needs and to dose the required components accurately. Especially during the lactation phase it is important to provide cattle with sufficient nutrients and with a balanced ration. In contrast, dairy cattle who are not producing milk need to have different mixtures – having a scale equips you with a wide range of options.
  • Smart technology: Good herd management also includes putting together an appropriate mix ration. This is based on putting together a vast range of different weighing systems and feed components, controlled directly from smartphone or tablet. This tool is the ideal supplement for other digital Smart Farming concepts.

BASIC electronic weighing system

The BASIC weighing unit is a practical accessory for farmers who want a simple and straightforward way of checking the weight of the desired rations. This tool is a classic analogue scale without memory function that is easy and straightforward to operate. This option is available for all MAMMUT PROFI MIX models as an accessory – only the self-propelled PM 2.5 SF and spreader D 1.5 SF are factory-fitted with this scale. In addition to the BASIC weighing kit, there is also a second display unit that can either be wired or wireless – the latter an advantage if visual contact with the main display on the scale is possible, e.g. from the barn floor or from the hayloft.

BASIC weighing system: Analogue scale without memory function

Additional display screen – available wired or wireless

PROFESSIONAL electronic weighing system

The PROFESSIONAL weighing system is a programmable scale with memory function – and this smart accessory is capable of storing up to 24 recipes, each with 18 ingredients. The rations can be adjusted individually to suit the number of cattle or total weight. As well as the additional display, the PROFESSIONAL has an extensive range of expansion packages that enable the daily weighing of mix rations to be adapted to the optimum for daily operations.

PROFESSIONAL weighing system

Up to 24 recipes can be stored on the programmable scale.

Light flashes or buzzer sounds when target weight is reached

This light or acoustic signal becomes a practical function when the fill weight of certain components is important and where it is not always possible to view the screen display. This draws attention to the target weight achieved, enabling the filling operation to be adapted to suit the desired mix ration.

Extension for smartphone and tablet: Modem app package

With the modem app package as an additional option, you can operate the PROFESSIONAL weighing system conveniently by smartphone or tablet, you can input recipes directly or you can simply call up the current fill weight or total weight. This feature is compatible with Android (Versions 6, 7, 8) and also with Apple (Versions 7, 9, 10). The related app ‘Dina TEL3’ is available in the playstore as a complementary item. For all technology buffs who enjoy adapting the feed operation to an optimum match with the prevailing situation, this modem app package is the perfect supplement for everyday life.

Individual solutions to suit every need

The PROFESSIONAL scale provides a broad and versatile range of solutions for successful feed management. On request, we can help you to identify the optimum solution and as well as the accessory options described before, we can also provide individual special equipment items for your weighing system. Another popular example for this is signal output – enabling up to 4 different external devices to be activated. A practical application can be activation of various filler silos that then load the feed mixer wagon with components in an automatic sequence. The programming and connection of signal output to external devices should of course involve the assistance on site of an electrician. An additional tool can be provided to export data from the weighing system, e.g. for a digital herd management program. On this subject, we advise one-on-one consultancy support from our MAMMUT Customer Advice desk – very easy and straightforward to do, by phoning +43 (0) 7757 6701 or by sending an e-mail to office@mammut.at.

Signal output to activate external devices (e.g. silo filler)

Our customer advisers would be pleased to advise you on this topic and are sure to find the right solution for your farm.

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