PROFI MIX in new design

Updated on:
February 26, 2024
Feed technology
Maria Schmidbauer


The mixture makes it possible!

Feed intake has a significant impact on profitability in a wide range of cattle farming operations. The right feeding concept usually quickly makes itself positively felt in the daily gain or in the milk yield. That is why many farmers already rely on the reliable PROFI MIX feed mixing technology from MAMMUT. To get even more out of a mixed ration from now on, we have made some optimizations to our feed mixers. Our new model series not only has a new design, but has been improved in terms of hopper volume and mixing quality.

MAMMUT feed mixer, feeding calves

The advantages in practice

Feed mixer PROFI MIX

to the feeding technology

Feed mixer PROFI MIX

all details about the new series

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Daily feeding made easy

The feed resources on the farm and the related performance of your livestock are of great importance. We at MAMMUT therefore offer you a high quality solution for your daily feeding routine. With the different types of mixes, a flexible use is possible to suit your farm. With the use of the MAMMUT feed mixer, you can increase your operational performance and minimize your daily workload. This and the following advantages speak for a purchase of the MAMMUT feed mixer:



Stationary with e-motor
Volumes of 1.5 m³ to 4.5 m³

Profi Mix TOWED

Tractor-towed with PTO drive
4.5 m³ volume


Self-propelled with a petrol engine or an electric motor
Volumes of 1.5 m³ to 2.5 m³

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