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December 7, 2023
Feed technology
Karoline Glöckner


Great feed quality, even after initial presentation of the feed

Farms are increasingly committed to finding the right feeding solution and are investing a lot of money in modern herd management systems with the aim of achieving long-term success. High milk yields combined with optimum animal welfare require an ingenious feeding concept that employs the right feed technology. Individual feed components need to be selected carefully and mixed in appropriate quantities, e.g. in the feed mixer wagon. The quality of basic feed is also receiving more careful attention than before: This starts with silo-loading, compaction and storage, extends into extraction and ends with use in daily feeding operations. To maintain good feed quality and to avoid losing the good ingredients in the silage, it is advisable to refresh the feed several times and/or to push through the feed ration. The following article will inform you about the solutions available form MAMMUT and about the practical benefits of using feed refreshers.

A good feeding concept leads to success.

Feed-mixing technology has now almost become an established standard. However, after delivering feed, there is often still scope for further improvement.

Avoid feed selection

Right after the first feeding cycle, there are clear indications: Cattle start to ‘tunnel for feed’, seeking out the tastiest morsels from the feed ration and often missing out components like hay and straw (raw fibre) that are important for rumination. For farms, this devalues the total mix ration they have devised and also harbours the risk of having higher-ranking animals gaining access to feed higher in nutrients and energy than those further down the ‘pecking order’. Uniform presentation of feed is a very important part of any good feeding concept, so preparation at the feed rails has a decisive role to play. With the feed refresher systems in the Mammut FEED MASTER range, the feed already presented is loosened up, remixed and returned to the feed rails several times. You can take consistent steps to counteract selective feeding – entirely without physical effort when pushing the feed through (‘refreshing’ the feed).

In most cases, feed is quickly selected out.

Consistent refreshing of feed prompts uniform feeding behaviour and stabilises livestock health.

Fresh, fresher – FEED MASTER

The refreshing of feed is a topic that is discussed broadly. Many farms have devised their own solutions and most of those are horizontal solutions such as retasked tractor tyres that tend to exert a compaction force at the feed trough. MAMMUT set itself the task of resolving this problem and devised a feed trough refresher with a screw-shaped drum. The feed preselected by the cows is loosened up and aerated by the FEED MASTER to an optimum extent. This reinvigorates the full fragrance and taste of the mix ration and also counteracts reheating of the feed.

The screw-shaped drum aerates and mixes the ration once again.

Can be used in every animal shed

There is a simple way of explaining what makes the three Mammut FEED MASTER models so special: These feed refreshers are supplied with a direct three-point attachment, or with an attachment for a yard load, a wheeled loader or a front loader. Which means that the carrier vehicles available on the farm can be used to operate them. Another benefit is the mobility of these feed refreshers: the FEED MASTER can be used in different sizes of building and is easy to transport, so structural conversion work to buildings is not required. Thanks to the pendulum compensation in the attachment, the feed refresher moves smoothly and evenly in front of the carrier vehicle and the feed is presented to the livestock without causing any kind of stress.

Feeding and herd checking in a single operation

Every time the FEED MASTER is used, the operation can be combined easily with herd inspection: For example, you can spot immediately if an animal fails to appear immediately at the feed rails, or behaves differently from usual. Most farmers keep a close watch on your cows and focus firmly on feeding, animal health and performance optimisation: if they then use the technical system for feed clearing from Mammut, they can then further improve their milk yields while also maintaining optimum animal health.

From small to large: three models for every need

You can choose between three types of MAMMUT feeding table clearers: The FORTY, which is equipped with a 490 mm drum, is the smallest device in the range and is perfect for pushing fine-grain forage at a low unloading height. With a drum height of 700 mm, the FORTUNA impresses even with large amounts of feed and there is also the FORTUNA SPEZIAL especially for hay milk farms, which is characterized by its robust construction for the highest loads. The feed pusher can be selected in the appropriate size and equipment and adapted to the existing technology.

FORTY Feed Master

FORTUNA Feed Master

FORTUNA SPECIAL Feed Master with optional clearing blade

More about feed refreshers from Mammut

Feed Master FORTY

490 mm drum diameter
for short feed & total mixes

Feed Master FORTUNA

700 mm drum diameter
for long feed & large quantities


700 mm drum diameter
as a reinforced version for fresh grass

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