Avoid reheating in the bunker silo

A loosened surface can cause white-grey mould to form in the silage.

Step by step to the perfect cut surface Once the feed has been brought in, distributed, compacted and covered, the lactic acid bacteria can do their work and high-quality silage is then produced by an intensive fermentation process. To keep feed losses low even after opening it up, while also maintaining high-quality silage, careful extraction […]

Which is the right extraction system for me

Silage shear SILO CAT ensures silage quality

Large selection of silage extraction technology There are countless practical options for silage extraction. From shear grabs, shear buckets or silage grab buckets to the silo comb, rotary miller or feed mixer with self-extraction, appropriate technology is available on the market. In the silage extraction technology sector, MAMMUT provides a comprehensive range of products for […]

The trend towards the clean silo

Smooth cut surface bunker silo sandwich silage

Focus on basic fodder production Exploding concentrate and fertilizer prices are not only making feed management a challenge in agriculture. Overall resource planning on the farm seems more important than ever at the moment: Which inputs can I save, what can be replaced by alternatives? How can I get more out of my feed? And […]