Good compaction assures silage quality

Result: perfectly compacted grass silage

The silage roller complements the feed harvesting operation Now it’s showtime: Getting silage-making equipment into gear, load wagon attached – off to the meadow – now is harvesting time! Today it is essential to know just how to cultivate and manage arable land, and to obtain the maximum yield from harvesting operations. Even during the […]

Silage spreaders and rollers in a new design

MAMMUT silage spreader and silage roller on a tractor

New model series of silage spreaders and silage rollers When harvesting green forage, the bottleneck is often in the silo. Large forage harvesters and powerful loader wagons deliver large quantities of forage in a short time, which must be distributed and compacted in the silo as quickly as possible. If you invest in the right […]

A comparison of silage distributors

Rotary silage spreaders – now it's all about width

The differences between drum silage distributors and rotary silage distributors Spreading inside the bunker silo is an important operation in the feed harvesting process, one that must not be underestimated. If you work here with the right technology that suits your farm, you lay the best possible groundwork for dependable lactic acid fermentation of your […]